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What else I enjoy

Other than research I am interested in various other things like singing, playing/analyzing chess, blogging, browsing and reading.

I am an ardent lover of carnatic classical music and a singer too. I was learning music under the tutelage of Padmashri Palghat Sri. K. V. Narayanaswamy, (picture) who's my and many music lover's favourite artist. I was very fortunate to had him as a Guru, for he is so versatile not only in singing but also in teaching.

I started my basic music lessons from Mrs. Visalakshi and continued it under Sri. T. K. Subramaniam in Tirunelveli (south India) until I came over to Madras for joining the masters in IIT. I have 15+ years of music training.

My favourite classical singers include M. D. Ramanathan, Madurai Sri. Mani Iyer, Madurai Sri. T. N. Seshagopalan. If I have to mention the favourite of mine it is MDR and next comes KVN

Here is my Guru's homepage which has some old evergreen concerts.

Here are some sample of my voice:

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