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Research Interests

My research interests are in various topics. But recently I have been focusing more on Social Media Analytics and Cognition & Emotion modelling. I have worked on Biocomputing, Formal Language and Automata Theory previously and still continue to work on it but it is in a lower gear for the present moment.

Social Media Analytics
In Social Media Analytics I mainly concentrate on the qualitative analysis of social media content. In particular I am focusing on the following:
  1. Define social synchrony in the social media in a formal way and study the qualitative nature of social synchrony.
  2. Integrate both structural / network analysis and the qualitative content analysis in social media to make sense of the social media data in a more complete and concrete manner.
  3. To study and predict opinion churning in online social media.
  4. To build a model to do user classification in online social media
  5. Develop a model to build EventNet (similar to WordNet) using social media data for events that is happening in the world.
  6. Plan to build a software tool to gather data from social media seamlessly and more efficiently.
Molecular Computing - Peptide Computing With the silicon computers growth in computing speeds almost attaining a saturation point and with the existence of very hard problems, nearly unsolvable by the silicon contemporaries, there is a strong need to look into other technologies to accomplish computing needs in this modern world. To achieve these goals various alternative computing models have been proposed -- like, quantum computing, DNA computing, peptide computing and so on. Peptide computing is the study of using the interactions between peptides and antibodies as a computational model. In this area I am focusing on a formal model for peptide computing called as Peptide computer.

Formal Language and Automata Theory
My work in this area includes study of distributed processing and parallel prcoessing in finite state automata and pushdown automata.

Students Guided/Guiding

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)
  1. Nirmal Kumar Sivaraman - Event Modelling (ongoing)
  2. Arpan Gupta - Shot Boundary Detection and Classification of Cricket Shots from Cricket Videos (ongoing)
Post Graduates (M.Tech)
  1. Sourabh Mathur - Twitter User Profiling and Classification
  2. Mansi Atolia - Opinion Churning in Online Social Media
Under Graduates (B.Tech)
  1. Devendra Vyas and Purva Bansal - Twitter Analysis: Structural vs Qualitative
  2. Nupur Agrawal, Radhika Nyati and Kanchan Bhadouria - Text Analytics : Aggregation and Summarization
  4. ANSHIKA MITTAL, APURVA SINGH, DIKSHA BHATEJA - Sentiment Analysis on Movie Reviews
  5. PUSHKAL AGARWAL SHUBHAM UPADHYAYA - Fused Sentiment Analysis on Movie Reviews (Doing Internship in AC Nielsen, Chennai and Vadodara)
  6. PUSHPENDRA KHANDELWAL BHAWNA RAWAT - Topic Classification of News Articles
  7. SHREYANSH GUPTA RISHI GUPTA MEGHA JAIN - Comparison of Various Technologies in Big Data Analysis
  9. NIKITA AGARWAL ANKUR ARORA RANJAN MANOJ AGRAWAL DIVYA BIYANI - Database Visualization and Code Analysis and Visualization (All doing Internship in SLK Softwares, Bangalore
  10. AAYUSHI AGRAWAL KOMAL PARMAAR - Structural and Qualitative Analysis of Twitter
  11. SAGAR CHAND AGARWAL KULDEEP SINGH SHIVAM MATHUR - Building an Analytics Platform for Twitter
  12. LUSHABH SAXENA - Sentiment Analysis with respect to Geo Locations in Twitter
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