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Projects Running
  1. Impact of Exogenous sources in Information Diffusion - (a) Covid (b) in Social Networks - working with Nirmal, Shivansh Baijal, Rupesh, Manas and Prof. Amit Sheth - this is joint collaboration with AI Institute, University of South Carolina
  2. Event Detection and Herd Behaviour in Social Networks - working with Nirmal, Vibhor Agarwal and Yash Vekaria
  3. Action recognition in Cricket Videos - working with Arpan Gupta and Ashish Karel
  4. Tracking and Partisanship in Indian Media Websites - working with Vibhor Agarwal, Yash Vekaria, Pushkal Agarwal (KCL, London), Dr. Sangeeta Mahapatra (GIGA Inst. of Asian Studies, Germany), Prof. Nishanth Sastry (Universoty of Surrey), Dr. Nicolas (Telefonica, Spain), Seth (KCL, London) - Joint project with KCL, Telefonica and Univ of Surrey
  5. Personalisation Bias in Google Search - working with Nisha, Aakansha, Ishita and Dushyant
  6. Media Slant and Agenda Setting of the Media - Working with Deepika Garg and Dr. Sangeeta Mahapatra (GIGA Inst. of Asiab Studies, Germany)
  7. Information Retrieval for Indian Classical Music - Working with Aditya Bhattacharjee, Sangam, Tanmay, Tanmay and Ruchika
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